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Discover consistent, secure, speedy and reliable delivery service to Latin America through SkyPostal’s innovative logistics solutions.

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Our Solutions

  • <b>Mail</b> Distribution

    Mail Distribution

    Mail Distribution

    Get securely tracked, hand delivered products to your Latin American customers.

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  • <b>Parcel</b> Delivery

    Parcel Delivery

    Parcel Delivery

    Handling complex customs and tax issues with SkyPostal's closed loop delivery network.

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  • <b>Brazil</b> services

    Brazil services

    Brazil services

    Find new business opportunities by utilizing distributors' extensive local knowledge of Brazil.

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  • <b>Direct Marketing</b>  Mail Services

    Direct Marketing Mail Services

    Direct Marketing Mail Services

    Avoid poor direct mail responses with our all-in-one package for data, printing and distribution.

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What Our Customers Say

Mick Odell

"SkyPostal has been a provider of choice for La Poste to South and Central America since 2002. When La Poste merged with Swiss Post two years ago to form Asendia, it was decided we'd continue with SkyPostal as the group provider. We have every confidence in the services of SkyPostal and continue to enjoy good relations."

Franklin Sluis
Curacao Post International

"C-Post International (C-Post) took a different approach to challenges post services faced. We took our strength as logistic specialists and combined it with e-commerce capabilities offered by partners such as SkyPostal who has provided us with one of our most successful services: This partnership has enabled C-Post to employ its most valuable resources into durable solutions that have provided profitable and increasing revenue streams."

Patrick J. Miller
RR Donnelley

"The diversity of services offered by SkyPostal to Latin America continues to exceed our expectations. Their experience and presence throughout the region is second to none, and is invaluable to our products and services--and, more importantly, our customers."

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